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Vancouver Packaging Machinery

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Packaging machinery solutions in Vancouver, British Columbia

With over 25 years of experience, the Paxiom Group is responsible for the sales and service of some of the industry leaders in the packaging world, including WeighPack Systems, EndFlex, and ValTara. Throughout our years of being in service, we have delivered thousands of packaging solutions throughout the globe for various applications. One of our packaging machine technologies under “filling solutions” is net weight filling.

PrimoLinear for net weigh filling

Our family of PrimoLinear weigh filling machines are designed for weighing and dispensing a diverse collection of products. Some of the commonly applicable products are beans, snack food, spices, frozen foods, and chemicals. Available in several models, the PrimoLinear can dispense as little as 2 grams and as many as 50 lbs. The filling rate can go up to 50 cycles in one minute. All models are constructed with stainless steel and have an open frame design. They also come in standard with leading-edge PC controls, tool-less removable contact parts, and so much more.

PrimoLinear V-mini

The V-mini is a vibratory automatic scale filling that works best with free-flowing products as this type is easily moved from one point to another through vibration. It is commonly used for applications that require accurate dispensing of lightweight ingredients. Examples of ideal products include spices, cheese, dried fruits, and seasonings.

PrimoLinear V5

The V5 is a liner net weigher that features a modular design. This way, owners can quickly begin with one scale then increase the number of lanes later on as their business expands. Another great thing about this net weigh filling machine is its time-saving features. It comes with a tilting hopper so there’ll be no need for changeover when operating multiple applications. Other features are tool-less removable contact parts and standardized components for lesser maintenance costs.

PrimoLinear V25

The V25 is an automatic bulk scale that is designed for products that can be transported from one point to another through vibration. For every vibrator, a vibratory pan is mounted directly to it so the operator can completely control the scale. It is perfect for large format filling applications. Typical products used include vegetables, baked goods, candy, chocolates, and more.

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