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Vermont Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machine Systems in Vermont

Vermont is an amazing state with its tranquil forested mountains, energetic ski resorts, tidy hillside harms, and vibrant maple trees amongst all things. So, if you’ve never been here, then it’s time to change that. Lake Champlin is an epitome of Vermont’s natural beauty, a place that 318 species of birds and 81 species of fish consider home. It’s recreation, historical sites and wildlife are what attract visitors to this place. Want to visit an outdoor history museum? Head over to Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock. Visitors can enjoy comprehensive displays of photographs, artifacts, and oral histories that portray the things that moded the culture and history of pastoral Vermonters.

For dining and shopping, the Church Street Marketplace won’t disappoint. Located in downtown Burlington, this award-winning area boasts more than a hundred places for people to shop and dine. And the best part is that it’s filled with vibrant energy from local music and street entertainers all year round. Another attraction you should try is the Killington Ski Area that’s composed of skiable terrain and trails. There, you can experience exceptional mountain adventures like sleigh rides, gondola rides, snowshoe tours, and a tubing park.

Automatic case erecting and glue packaging machine

What are RSC boxes?

RSC means regular slotted containers and is the most common box style in the packaging industry. When it comes to this style, the flaps are all in the same length while the two outer flaps are half of the box’s width so they can meet halfway. RSC cases always require either tape, glue, or staples to close and seal them. Thanks to its highly efficient design, regular slotted containers greatly reduce manufacturing waste.

RSC boxes are also incredibly flexible. For instance, if certain products to be filled into an RSC carton needs a level base or two layers of protection, then you can put a pad between the inner flaps. In general, RSC boxes are single walls, but for added protection, it can also be a double or triple wall. These boxes are commonly used for electronics, retail, books, and custom shipping.

What are the advantages of using RSC boxes?

A box is simply something that’s made out of cardboard and is used to store or transport various items. Or at least that’s what most people outside the packaging world see boxes. But for businesses and individuals who commonly use cardboard boxes to store and transport their goods and deliver to consumers, it’s essential to understand the intricacies of cardboard boxes and packaging. RSC boxes are widely used around the world today. But what exactly are the advantages of using them?

  • RSC boxes require less cardboard material, which means they’re less expensive to create and much affordable for customers.
  • This box-style also requires less storage space, something that’s integral for many businesses these days.
  • They can be easily custom printed on.
  • RSC boxes come in various styles and grades of cardboard, whether it’s from a brand new board or a 100% recycled and eco-friendly cardboard.

The Paxiom Group is a global manufacturer of packaging machines in various packaging stages, including container filling, bottle labeling, container capping, conveying, packaging, wrapping, case packing, and case counting. For our RSC box erectors, we have the Boxxer family of automatic case erectors for tape and glue.

For tape

The Boxxer 2200 are packaging machines designed to take your RSC blanks then pull from the bottom. At the erecting area, the blank is squarely formed. Next, the major flaps are plowed down while the minor flaps are applied with glue. Then, the flaps are compressed to set the glue before the box exits the machine. For our Boxxer 4000, the first step is the loading of RSC blanks then followed by the erecting of the blank one by one. The minor flaps of the erected box are then applied with glue while the major flaps are compressed. After sealing, the finished box is discharged from the machine.

For glue

Manufactured in three models to cater to several cases and knockdown sizes, our Boxxer T series for tape minimizes your floor space thanks to their small footprint design. Applicable for RSC blanks, these packaging machines pull blanks one at a time from the hopper magazine. Next, the minor flaps are folded accordingly to produce a newly erected case. Through the Boxxer’s wide tape head, the case is then sealed at the bottom. After sealing, the finished box goes out of the machine.