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Vertical Carton Machine

A cartoning machine, which is sometimes referred to as cartoner, is a type of packaging machine that is mainly designed to form carton. An average milk carton that you see in grocery stores is most likely made by a carton machine. Generally, this type of packaging machine produces cartons in a stand-up style and closes the flaps to ultimately seal the carton.

In a vertical carton machine, it is engineered to fill each carton with a product(s) one by one in a vertical manner through an open end. Once filled with the right amount of product, the machine closes the carton by tucking in the end flap and putting glue or adhesive on it. Hence, the reason why it is a vertical carton machine is also called an end-load cartoner. With the cartoning process, the product can be pushed into the carton in either of the two ways: through pressurized air or with a mechanical sleeve. That said, for several applications, the products are loaded into the carton by hand.

Boxx Kartnr for automatic carton forming

As a first-rate industry leader of the packaging industry, Paxiom is extremely particular in the quality of the machines they manufacture. As such, we have decided to create our first carton forming and loading machine under the name Boxxer Kartnr. This vertical carton machine is designed to automatically form, load, and close small to medium-sized vertical board cartons in an efficient manner. Among the industries our Boxx Kartnr serves are food consumer, cosmetics, confectionery, and spices.

Additionally, our vertical carton machine comes in three models:


2.Pop-up Auto-Lock


Although every cartoning machine is manufactured differently and packed with various features, all cartoners have the same end goal and that is to improve efficiency and eliminate the tedious and time-consuming labor needed with forming cartons and manually filling them with products.

If there’s a vertical carton machine, then there’s also what they call as a horizontal carton machine. As to which type of carton is best suited for your company, it depends on the style of our carton, your primary product and the way the product will be loaded. But either way, horizontal or vertical carton machine, they go through the same process.

First, the blank is loaded onto the hopper then have it pulled apart and erected. After the first erecting phase, your product can now be smoothly loaded into the open carton. Next, the major flap, the one that overlaps on the top of the carton, will be secured. Finally, the now filled carton goes out of the machine.