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Vertical Cartoner


Boxxer T-12 case erector

Paxiom Group is the leading supplier of automated packaging vertical cartoner solutions such as wrapping, bagging, filling, capping, labeling, and just recently this year, cartoning. All engineered to boost efficiency and productivity, our packaging machines all go through a series of mechanical engineers, software specialists experienced assemblers and quality assurance managers to ensure that they have truly met the standards of today’s packaging landscape.

Boxxer Kartnr Cartoner

Our carton forming and filling machines is a vertical type, which is applicable on close vertical chipboard cartons. We offer our Boxxer Kartnr in various models including tucked, glued, and auto-lock carton, all of which are mechanically engineered to erect, close and sealed cartons. From a simple carton board blank, our vertical cartoner will turn it into a fully functioning carton container that can be easily filled with a product, pouch of products, or a certain number of products into one carton. Once filled, the vertical cartoner applies adhesive or glue to close the ends of the cartons and complete the sealing process.

Commonly used in various industries including beauty, health, and food, the Boxxer Kartnr is truly many businesses’ go-to carton forming machine. It is also called an end-load cartoner because the products are loaded through an open end of the carton. Perfect for specific products like rice, spices, powders, and cannabis, our vertical cartoner is a reliable and easy to service designed to work on small and medium chipboard cartons.

The standard model of our Boxxer Kartnr is auto-locked, one that operates on carton bottoms. We also provide other models such as glued and tucked vertical cartoner. For its standard features, it includes a starwheel that will safely transfer the filled cartons to the next station. Another one is its motion-activated sensors that will send a group of robotic movements to accurately load individual cartons with the product.

As for the process of the carton forming, it can be briefly divided into four main points:

1) Carton blanks are loaded one by one

2) They are erected and pulled one blank at a time

3) Each carton is filled with product

4) The top flap is closed and tucked while it is being discharged