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Washington Packaging Machinery

Industrial Packaging Machines in Washington

The state of Washington offers unspoiled islands and mountains that make it every nature lover’s paradise. It also has a vibrant arts scene as well as some bustling, hip urban vibes. There are so many exciting things to discover that wherever you go you’d never be bored. With its glacier mountaintops and ocean beaches, you won’t go wrong with stopping by at Olympic National Park. Some of the popular attractions in this park are the Rialto Beach, Hoh Rain Forest, and Sol Duc Hot Springs. For impressive scenery from high above, go to the Sky View Observatory in Seattle. There, you can see from afar the Cascade Mountains, Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, and Space Needle.

Ever seen locals wear lederhosen or serenade in mornings on an alphorn? The quirky yet beautiful town of Leavenworth is home to the iconic Icicle Gorge. The place also holds annual festivals, such as their yearly lights celebration every December. For a diverse range of outdoor activities, the town of Port Angeles is a great start. There, you can go hiking, fishing, kayaking, boating, golfing, birding, and many more in the nearby Hurricane Ridge. You can also access the Olympic National Park from Port Angeles.

horizontal flow wrapping machine

How flow wrapping has shaped the packaging world

Starting in the 21st century, there has been a huge boost in the use of automated packaging machines in the global food industry. Flow wrappers are one of the top packaging technologies that have been impacting this transformation, allowing a vast range of human tasks to be performed automatically with greater accuracy, efficiency, and speed. At Paxiom, we have partnered with ValTara Technology, an industry leader in the packaging sector that specializes in flow wrapping, a packaging solution for many especially in the bakery, fresh produce, and confectionery sectors. These packaging machines are also ideal for wrapping difficult and odd-shaped household and novelty products including sponges, napkins, paint rollers, cloths, candles, dusters–you name it.

How flow wrapping works

In essence, flow wrapping is when a product is packaged specifically by wrapping it in a film. Generally speaking, a wrapper consists of an infeed conveyor, a film feed station, a forming station, a cutting head, and the discharge station. The process then starts with the product placed on the infeed conveyor. This conveyor takes the product to the forming area where the film is waiting. In there, a film tube is formed around the product and a fin-seal is added. Both the product and film tube are moved to the cutting head, which makes end-seals and cuts the products into individual packages. Lastly, the packages are conveyed to the discharge area for further packing.

Paxiom for your flow wrapping choice

High-performance, heavy-duty construction, great reliability, and quick turnaround are all key requirements, alongside exceptional levels of technical support and sustained investment in the research and development department. We at Paxiom provide excellent technical support, as this is crucial when installing a flow wrapper to handle any teething problems. As such, it’s important to carefully consider which machine supplier to outsource your machines. Reliable ones are those that offer great customer service while also selling a comprehensive stock of machine spare parts.

Flow wrappers are highly versatile packaging machines that can enhance productivity, improve a product’s package presentation and performance, and secure the integrity of items, especially now with the increasing popularity of online shopping. Because of this, machine suppliers normally work closely with their customers to help them meet their desired production results when it comes to ease of use, efficiency, reliability, and hygiene.

SleekWrapper-a versatile family of flow pack machines

Engineered for your various packaging and production needs, our SleekWrapper series operates by producing individual products wrapped in flexible packaging. We offer them in several models from entry-level to high-speed rates.

  • First on our list is the economical and compact Sleek 40, which is perfect for production rates of up to 100 cycles per minute. Its package size capacity is 1-7” W x up to 3” L.
  • For larger items, we have the robust Sleek 45 and 65 wrappers, both of which are servo-driven and are manufactured to last a harsh 24/7 environment. These packaging machines can give you up to 200 packages per minute. Their package size capacity is up to 11.8” W x up to 4.7” L.

Besides those three models of SleekWrapper, we have also created a unique flow wrapping machine called the Sleek Inverted. It’s still a horizontal flow pack machine, but with a unique function and that is to handle certain products that can be challenging to push.