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West Virginia Packaging Machinery

Packing and Packaging Systems in West Virginia

True to its nickname Mountain State, West Virginia is composed mostly of mountains and is bursting with outdoor adventures. And because of this, outdoor lovers easily find themselves in love with the area. The state is also filled with small Appalachian towns and a good number of high, rugged hills and ancient river valleys. Needless to say, West Virginia is easily considered as a rural state with its natural wonders as its number one asset. New River Gorge National River is one of the many examples of the state’s natural beauty. Oddly enough, despite the name, it’s actually one of the oldest rivers in the United States. Some popular activities you can do there are kayaking, aerial tram tour, and ziplining.

Nested in the Ohio River Valley is the Heritage Farm Museum and Village that proudly highlights the history of Appalachians. With over 30 old structures, you can see local artisans demonstrate traditional trades like black smithery and broom-making. The place also offers a petting zoo and machine discovery area. For a wide range of best fresh produce in the state, go to Charleston’s Capitol Market, part craft mall, and part farmers’ market. A broad array of goods await you there including exotic wines, incredibly fresh fruits, and even arts.

Oil and liquid filling and capping machine

Understanding monoblock filling systems

A monoblock filler is a type of packaging system that incorporates several pieces of packaging machinery on a single frame or chassis. This packaging equipment almost always consists of filler equipment and capping or sealing machine. Generally, a monoblock filler includes a starwheel that works to consistently transfer containers from one piece of packaging machinery to another with just the turn of the starwheel.

What are its top benefits

One of the great things about having a monoblock filling system is its amazing space-saving benefits as opposed to using traditional inline systems. Through this innovative system, a single starwheel easily replaces long and complex conveyors for transferring containers. Moreover, standalone packaging machines like capping equipment, liquid filling machines, and container cleaning devices are switched with components that do the same function but with the starwheel. Simply put, warehouses and facilities with limited space benefit the most for using a monoblock system to automate their packaging line.

A monoblock filler can also be a more economical choice than an inline system. That’s because, with a single monoblock system, you can save money since you won’t need to purchase all the individual packaging machines necessary to assembly an inline system similar to that of a monoblock filler. For some applications, this kind of filling system can also boost the packaging process by handling bottles and other containers and eliminating the need to move them to a conveyor machine. Through the starwheel, you can have streamlined speed adjustments and a completely in-sync packaging process.

Additionally, the presence of PLC controls help set up duration times and other packaging functions featured in a monoblock system. Simple controls like these can already make a difference by reducing labor expenses and maintaining consistent and efficient production. Also, monoblock filling systems are its versatility that allows operators to include whatever packaging machinery is needed on the monoblock. So aside from the typical filling machine and capping equipment, you can also opt to include induction sealers, labeling machines, and more on the system. Such freedom of design lets the operator assemble a unique packaging system that’s specifically modified for their products.

Paxiom offers a monoblock filling system under the ValTara brand

The Paxiom Group has made quite a name in the packaging industry with its over two decades of experience and having been successfully catered to countless customers from all over the world. Our monoblock fillers are designed to automatically fill your bottles and containers with liquid products and insert a cap and dropper at speeds of up to 3,600 cycles per hour. This liquid filling machine can include as many as four filling stations with a product dosing rage of up to 200 ml. The process kicks off with bottles entering the system then traveling clockwise. Starting with an initial liquid fill, the bottles are then inserted with droppers individually before they’re led to the cap tightening area.

You can configure the system to have your bottles automatically labeled, loaded into cartons, and finally, packed in cases. This compact ValTara liquid filler is ideal for essential oils, liquids, and CBD oils. You can avail our filler in two models depending on their filling rates: 30 or 60 containers per minute. All our liquid filling systems are equipped with the same features like stainless steel contact parts and Allen Bradley PLC and HMI.