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Wyoming Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machine Equipment in Wyoming

Meet Wyoming where the Wild West comes alive. Wyoming is a US state that’s rich with rugged landscapes, wild rivers, cowboy towns, ranches, and some of the world’s great wilderness places. So, if you want to spend most of your vacation interacting with mother nature, then Wyoming has you covered. One of the top attractions in this state is the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, one of the best ski resorts in North America where beginners and intermediate skiers can have their fill of fun. For jaw-dropping sceneries, go to Yellowstone National Park where there are a variety of amazing sites to see from the stunning geysers, majestic rivers, and waterfalls to colorful hot springs. This world’s oldest national park is also home to abundant wildlife.

Want to spend your day just relaxing and surrounded by nature? Go to Hot Springs State Park and enjoy the warm waters indoors or outdoors. While you’re there, you can also take time to explore its flower gardens, hiking trails, and the Rainbow Terrace. Another must-visit place is the Grand Teton National Park with its picturesque and panoramic views that could rival those from Europe or Patagonia. It’s a perfect place to just get rejuvenated by the serene lakes, wildflower-packed meadows, rugged peaks, and so on.

Multi weigh into vertical fill machine

Paxiom for your pre-made pouch and FFS machines

At Paxiom, we provide a wide selection of pre-made pouch and form-fill-seal bagging machines that accommodate nearly every sector. For our pre-made baggers, we have the Bingo Bagger and Zippy Bagger. The Bingo Bagger is a robust machine that features food-grade contact parts. Its unique options include vacuum and gas flushing. On the flip side, our Zippy Bagger is used to handle pre-made wicket bags, whether they’re made with laminated or polyethylene materials.

As for our FFS packaging machinery, we offer both vertical and horizontal versions. For our vertical FFS, one example is the VerTek series that produces bags as wide as 24 inches and as narrow as 2 inches. Regardless of the model, this family of vertical FFS machines allows impressive flexibility and ease of use. Meanwhile, we have the R2B machine for horizontal form and filling technology. Made with servo drives, our R2B is capable of producing different pouch styles using a rollstock.

Packaging machinery systems for your business

Business owners in Wyoming are considering the variety of options when it comes to their packaging solutions. Some are even talking with different packaging manufacturers to see which of them can meet their needs. But with the abundance of packaging machines available in the market today, how can you narrow down your list and ultimately pick the right machine for your business?

Think about this: do you want to make the package at your warehouse or opt for pre-made bags instead? Whatever your answer is, you have two options: a form-fill-seal packaging machine or pouch packaging machines. If you aren’t sure which solution to go, consider the following things:

Waste and scrap

When using an FFS machine, you essentially become the bagmaker. Consequently, you will need a huge roll of packaging film a.k.a., rollstock, which will be the primary material for your bags. During the bag creation process, there will be excess packaging material. Meanwhile, a pre-made pouch bagger doesn’t incur waste as you can recycle the bags and use them for final production.

Production speed

If the production speed is integral to your business, then you’d best go with FFS machinery as it’s designed for higher volumes and faster speeds. With pre-made pouch fillers, their speeds are quickly increasing with various technological advancements these days. Although it’s only a matter of time before they can rival the throughput of some vertical FFS machinery, as of now, FFS machines take the crown.

Machine budget

At first glance, rollstock may seem economical. However, that cost doesn’t include the additional cost for things like scrap and labor to set up, operate, and changeover rollstock on the machine. On the other hand, pre-made bag machines require a higher initial investment than FFS machines. Still, it’s important to remember that several factors influence the packaging machine’s total cost of ownership over the long-term.

Bag types and styles

FFS machines are ideal for higher output and longer runs with at most four bag sizes or styles. For companies who need different pouch shapes, sizes, and styles, and have to change over several times a day, then any automatic premade pouch machine best serves the short runs and flexibility you need.