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EndFlex Boxxer All-In-One Case Packer for Packaging Cartons into Boxes

August 15, 2023
August 15, 2023 Damien Sandoval

Say goodbye to the complexity of multiple machines. The EndFlex Boxxer integrates case erecting, robotic case packing, and sealing functions into one seamless process, ensuring a smooth production line.

Witness the power of automation as the Boxxer all-in-one system erects, packs, and seals your corrugated cases/boxes with remarkable accuracy. This machine maximizes your output while minimizing downtime, allowing you to meet demands effortlessly.

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📙About this video:
Technology: Case Erecting – Corrugated
Model: Boxxer All-in-one, PKR Gantry
Package Type: Carton, Case / Box – Corrugated
Product running: Carton, Case / Box – Corrugated

Topics: #cartonpackingmachinery #cartonloading #casepacking #robotics #roboticcasepacking #roboticcartons #casepacker

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