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How to Automatically Bag Linens and Bedding with the VerTek 2400

November 3, 2023
November 3, 2023 Damien Sandoval

The VerTek 2400 is a heavy-duty VFFS machine engineered for the toughest and heaviest filling applications, capable of producing pillow or gusseted pouches up to 600 mm (24 inches) in width. Its welded tubular steel construction makes it suitable for various bulk packaging applications, even in challenging working environments.

As the largest single piece of equipment we manufacture, it’s a real behemoth. It’s typically used in a wide range of industries that require bulk packaging into very large bags—installations including fibers, frozen/fresh pet food, powders, injection-molded pieces, beer hop pellets, confections, rice, beans, flour, powders, polymers and can seal a variety of film structures including laminate, metalized structures and polyethylene.

📙About this video:
Technology: Bagging
Model: VerTek 2400
Package Type: Form & Seal Pouch
Industry: Healthcare, Home Goods, Apparel, Bulk Services
Product running: Bedding, Linens, Cloths, Face Cloths

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