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PopLok Automatic Lidded Tray Closing Machine

November 7, 2023
November 7, 2023 Damien Sandoval

Fully automate your tray forming and packing processes with PopLok tray closer, the ultimate solution for sealing lidded trays with unmatched precision and efficiency. The automatic incoming tray control gate ensures trays enter the system “short-side” leading, optimizing the sealing process.

📂 Step-by-Step Closure: First, the tray dust flaps are folded 90 degrees and neatly tucked into the tray. As the tray moves to the next station, plow bars expertly guide the lid to a closed position. In the final steps, the front lip minor flaps are gracefully folded and securely tucked into front slots. The last compression station applies the perfect amount of pressure to seal the front flap with precision.

📙About this video:
Technology: Tray Forming – Tray Closing
Model: PopLok Tray Closer
Package Type: Corrugated – Tray
Product Running: Corrugated – Tray

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