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PrimoCombi Multihead Weigh Filling Machine Explained at Pack Expo 2023

January 4, 2024
January 4, 2024 Damien Sandoval

Dive into the heart of packaging precision with the PrimoCombi Multihead Weigh Filling Machine, expertly explained at Pack Expo 2023. Discover the seamless integration of this weigher with the SwiftyBagger 3600 premade pouch-filling machine, forming a powerful packaging system.

⚖️ Highest Accuracy, Maximum Throughput:
Uncover the mechanics behind multi-head weigh fillers, also known as combination scales or radial scales—commonly chosen for applications demanding the utmost accuracy and throughput.

⚙️ Configurations Tailored to You:
Available in 10, 14, 16, and 24 head configurations, each PrimoCombi lane features a dedicated load cell. The process begins by filling the center of the scale with bulk product, which then seamlessly travels from the center cone to individual vibratory feeder pans.

🌐 Vibratory Feeder Pans:
Transport the product to the weigh bucket.

⚖️ Weigh Bucket:
Weighs and measures the product.

🤖 PrimoCombi’s PC Logic:
Determines the near-perfect match among the buckets.

🔒 Bucket Dispensing:
Locked and dispensed simultaneously to the packaging machine or a manual packaging station.

The term multi-head weighing, or combination weighing, stems from utilizing multiple buckets or a combination of weigh buckets to achieve a precise weight. This sophisticated process ensures unparalleled accuracy in your packaging operation.

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📙About this video:
Technology: Weighing, Bagging
Model: PrimoCombi, SwiftyBagger 3600
Package Type: Pre-made Pouch

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