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SpinDexer-HS Filling 50 Count Vitamin Gummies into 200cc Bottles

June 28, 2024
June 28, 2024 Damien Sandoval

Introducing the SpinDexer-HS, our high-speed container filling solution for 50 count vitamin gummies in 200cc bottles. Engineered for precision and efficiency, the SpinDexer-HS utilizes continuous motion with traveling funnels, ensuring accurate and consistent fills.

The SpinDexer-HS is designed to fill a variety of containers, including bottles, jars, and cans, with a wide range of products such as nuts, candy, confections, cheese, spices, coffee, gummies, vegetables, fruits, pharmaceuticals, and pet food.

Key Features:

Continuous Motion Filling: Stainless steel traveling funnels follow each bottle through the filling process, promoting accuracy and high performance.
High-Quality Components: Includes Omron PLC, SMC pneumatics, and Festo valves.

User-Friendly Design: Tool-less removable contact parts, dual timing boxes, timing screw, and color-coordinated star wheels for easy maintenance and operation.

Discover how the SpinDexer-HS can revolutionize your production line with its superior speed, accuracy, and reliability.

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The SpinDexer can be integrated with other units like weigh filler/powder auger filler, capper, induction sealer, labeler, bottle unscrambler, metal detector and more.

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