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SpinDexer HS high speed weigh filling chili pepper flakes and spices into bottles

July 14, 2023
July 14, 2023 Damien Sandoval

Demonstrating our unique turn-key automated packaging system to accurately weigh and fill bottles with Chili pepper flakes.

Packaging machines include:
1. Automatic bottle unscrambler
2. Weighpack Incline infeed conveyor
3. Weighpack PrimoCombi chili pepper weigh filling
4. Weighpack SpinDexer-HS continuous rotary indexing machine to fill chili flakes into bottles.
5. WeightCheQ check weigher
6. KAPR Automatic chuck style capper
7. Weighpack Induction sealer
8. LBLR Adhesive bottle labeler

This packaging system was integrated in our facility and can fill over 100 bottles per minute with high accuracy and repeatability.

Great for any free flowing dry products, spices, snacks, confections, powders, pet treats and more.

Weigh filler and be alternated with an auger filler for non-free flowing products.

Entire system can be integrated down stream with EndFlex case erector, case packer and robotic palletizer.

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