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Twin Lane PrimoLinear T-25 Bulk Weigh filling Granules into Pails

June 6, 2024
June 6, 2024 Damien Sandoval

Discover the efficiency of our Twin-Lane PrimoLinear T-25, designed for quick, efficient, and accurate bulk weigh filling granules or solids into containers like pails, barrels, buckets, totes, boxes or jars. This compact, robust system ensures precise dispensing and filling, making it ideal for a variety of products including granules, nuts, snacks, candy, hardware, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, meats, spices, coffee, powders, animal feed and pet food etc., perfect for mid or high range production needs with a focus on precision, efficiency, and versatility!

Dual Lane Flexibility: Offers single or twin lane configurations with independent vibrating feed pans for optimal yields.

Easy Maintenance: Features stainless steel frame, toolless removable contact parts, and a tilting hopper for quick changeovers.

Versatile Integration: Compatible with vertical and horizontal form fill and seal machines, premade pouch filling machines, and container filling machines.

Enhanced Mobility: Compact and mobile, with dual discharge points for tote and case filling.

Advanced Technology: Includes a color touch screen with WiFi/Ethernet, remote online technical assistance, and recipe management.

– 25 L Weigh Bucket Capacity: Per dispense for large format applications.
– Integrated Loma Metal Detector: Ensures product safety.
– Tool-less Removable Funnel and Hopper: For ease of cleaning and maintenance.
– Advanced Electrical & Software: Includes remote assistance, color touch screen PC panel, and advanced recipe and data management.

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About this video:
Technology: Weighing & Dispensing, Container Filling, Corrugated Case Filling
Package Type: Case / Box – Corrugated, Rigid Container
Model: PrimoLinear T-25, Case/Box Indexing Conveyor
Industry: Snack food, cheese, bakery, coffee, bulk & food service, spice, powders, pet food, meat, poultry, seafood, frozen food, hardware.

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