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VassoyoAir corrugated produce tray forming machine

January 9, 2021
January 9, 2021 Damien Sandoval

This produce case erector can produce a wide variety of citrus and show case trays. The VassoyoAir is designed to automatically erect, form and glue trays used for fruits and vegetables.

The Vassoyo automatic tray forming machine is engineered for the most demanding production needs.

Designed to take one blank tray at a time and pull it down with vacuum cups from the hopper. The blank is fed under the glue guns, where glue is applied to the minor flaps of the tray. The blank travels under the ram mandrel, where it is forced down through corner folders, forming the tray. The tray is held in a compression area until the next tray enters the forming section. This tray will then be dropped onto a discharge conveyor where it will exit the machine. Enquire now – https://www.paxiom.com/paxiom-sales-inquiries/

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