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Flow Wrapping Solutions for Your Baked Goods

June 27, 2022
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June 27, 2022 David Morgan

We’ve engineered flow wrapping solutions for many clients in the baking industry. From cookies and cakes to bagels and baguettes, we can take your baked goods and efficiently wrap them to ensure product freshness and presentation value.

Our Flow Wrapping Machines

We know that every bakery product is unique, so we developed wrapping machines that are just as unique.

The SleekWrapper F40

Whether you’re making your first investment to wrap your baked goods or you just need a compact machine to fit in a small footprint, the Sleek 40 is the perfect choice. See it here wrapping individual donuts.

flow wrapping doughnuts

The SleekWrapper F45

Affordability meets high-speed production rates in our Sleek 45. Watch the video below and see its wider web width in action wrapping baked bread.

Flow wrapping baked goods

The SleekWrapper F65

Your 24/7 workhorse is here! With the ability to wrap up to 200 packages per minute and a maximum web width of over 25 inches, this is the high-performance machine you need. Watch it efficiently wrap these bagels.

flow wrapping machine

The SleekWrapper i65

We designed this wrapper to pull your soft and sticky products when pushing them is just not an option. Talk to us about this inverted wrapper and how we can protect your hard-to-handle baked product as we did with the sliced sandwich bread in this video.

SleekWrapper i65 Sliced Sandwich Wrapping Machine

The SleekWrapper HSA

Our most advanced machine features an integrated aligner, photoelectric automatic detection and servo dosing system to wrap up to 3-inch-wide packages at speeds up to 300 per minute. Perfect for your individual baked brownies or even bite-sized cookies as seen in this video.

SleekWrapper HSA Highspeed Cookie Flow Wrapping Machine

The Breezy Bagger

Designed for manual feeding, this compact machine can bag items in the vertical position and wrap items in the horizontal position. This versatility means you can drop your baked bread in to be bagged or line up your trays of rolls to be wrapped. Watch it in action here with various bread products:

Packaging baguettes, buns, and sandwiches - Breezy Bagger

Take advantage of our experience across the baking industry and let’s get you set up with the flow wrapping solution you need to become more efficient and productive. That’s what we’re all about.

Reach out today and let’s get to work. Or visit one of our Xperience Centers to see our solutions in action.