When do I need a pouch filling machine?

There comes a time in every food, pharmaceutical, hardware, hemp and widget packagers time that they need to strongly consider adding automation…

Powder Packaging Machinery

One of our partner brands is the widely known WeighPack Systems. The brand is responsible for manufacturing a wide variety of bagging and container…

Meal Kit Packaging Machinery

Whether your store is small and locally-based, or you run a large company, if you’re selling products, then you will always need the ability to…

Container Filling Packaging Machinery System

Are you having problems filling rigid containers with your products? Easy - Paxiom’s container filling solutions have you covered. With our custom-designed…

The importance of investing in training

At Paxiom we cannot stress enough the importance of investing in training. We deliver sophisticated automated machines that all have

Integrated end-of-line solutions, helping you put the pieces together

Sure, navigating the vast world of end-of-line packaging can be tricky at times.EndFlex is here to make things a little simpler for you.

horizontal flow wrapping and vertical bagging

Sure, many of our competitors will make you choose. But with ValTara, you can have both in a single solution.

Choosing the Right Container Filling Solution from WeighPack

Containers can come in all shapes and sizes…well, so do our machines! More than likely, your business has devoted a lot of concerted effort and time into choosing the right containers.

How can my business benefit from a Cartoning Machine?

How can my business benefit from a Cartoning Machine? If your business uses a carton in or as your product packaging, it is worthwhile to consider…


That’s the question every buyer asks themselves. The market can tend to be crowded; everyone nowadays has a nice website, cropped photography…