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Focused on World Class Service

February 1, 2022
Posted in Blog
February 1, 2022 David Morgan

Some manufacturers of automated packaging machines choose to outsource their customer service function. Not us. In fact, we have chosen to adopt the Net Promoter Score (NPS) platform to make sure we understand our customer satisfaction level and learn from their feedback.

Since adopting the NPS platform, our Paxiom Service team has seen steady improvement and ended 2021 with a score of 71.

While this is considered an EXCELLENT score, our 2022 goal is a score above 80.

We are sitting at 83 now.

This score is considered a WORLD CLASS service category, indicating our customers are highly satisfied with our service. It also indicates that they are more likely to do business with us again and more likely to refer us to their friends and colleagues.

Why tell everyone about this?

Mainly because we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. We want to know what we can do even better the next time. While it is almost impossible to achieve an NPS score of 100, the only way to strive for that goal is to consistently measure it.

We actively seek customer feedback because we care about what our customers think and we want them to be satisfied with every aspect of our machines, our service and our company. You would be surprised how many companies in the packaging machine industry don’t survey their customers after the sale.

And we also want to know when we have done a good job. We have a great team and they deserve to hear that too!

So, what does this mean for prospective clients?

It is ultimately one more reason why you should come to us for your automated packaging solutions. Is it the only reason? No, but it is an important one. And we’re transparent about it.

In fact, proof of our world-class service can easily be seen across multiple industries. From our produce and snack food clients to our cannabis clients, we are well known for the caliber of our machines and the quality of our service. See what our clients are saying about us:

tray packing machines bagging machines Cannabis packaging machines

When you’re talking to our team about our impressive weigh filling machines, our line of vertical form fill and seal machines or even our flow wrappers and case packers, ask them where our NPS score is today. We post it for our entire team to see.