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Fully Automate Your Operation with a Flow Wrapping System

April 29, 2022
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April 29, 2022 David Morgan

We know flow wrapping machines. We have an extensive history of building quality flow wrappers for our clients to help them become more efficient and increase productivity.

Inverted Flow Wrapper & Table

SleekWrapper i65 flow wrapper with rotary accumulation table

Flow wrappers can wrap everything from small candies up to larger retail boxes and this versatility is the big reason it is used in industries from bakery to pet treats and confections to snack foods.

We’ve helped companies across many industries address their wrapping needs and reap the rewards benefits of automated flow wrapping machines: easy film changeover, capacity for high production rates, product protection, enhanced marketing and waste reduction to name a few.

So how can we top our impressive lineup of flow wrapping machines and make your operation even more efficient?

By customizing a turnkey flow wrapping system to further reduce your manual processes, saving you even more resources. Let us explain.

Beyond The Machine

Lower your operating costs even further by marrying your new wrapper with auxiliary equipment and downstream machines and go from just wrapping your product to launching a fully automated packaging system, taking your business to the next level.

flow wrapping system options

Some of our options include weigh filling & bagging upstream as well as case erecting, filling & sealing downstream

Let’s say you wrap individual candies. Chances are you need to get those candies into a bag or container and get them ready to ship. How great would it be to automatically convey those wrapped candies to a multi-head weigher or optical counter where your preferred amount of candy can pass directly to a premade pouch bagging machine. Then you can convey those finished bags, fill them into cases, seal and label those cases and palletize them, ready to be shipped.

Or maybe you need to fill those candies into a jar and place that jar into a carton. Once your candies pass from the flow wrapping machine, you can convey your candies to a weighing or counting machine while a separate container indexing system prepares your jars for filling. Once filled you can pass the filled jars through a capping, labeling and cartoning process prior to case filling and palletizing.

Too Good to Be True?

No, not at all. This is what we do. We help automate your packaging process. And we can set up a turnkey flow wrapping system for just about any wrapped product while meeting your desired budget and production rate requirements.

If you’re currently wrapping your product by hand and then manually packaging them into bags or jars, we can help. We not only have a full lineup of flow wrapping machines, but we can also integrate those machines with weigh fillers, bagging machines, case packers and other automated packaging solutions that will free up labor, reduce waste and save you money.

Browse our lineup of SleekWrapper flow wrapping machines and then let’s get to work on your turnkey wrapping system.

Reach out today. Better yet, visit one of our Xperience Centers to see our solutions in action.