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The importance of investing in training

June 24, 2019
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June 24, 2019 Nick


Invest in training

At Paxiom we cannot stress enough the importance of investing in training. We deliver sophisticated automated machines that all have learning curves, some steeper than others.

We offer training services to all our customers willing to invest in their employees and provide them the best opportunity to succeed.

In a society of never ending work hours, tight deadlines and limited budgets we often look at training as a luxury and not a necessity. But we are here to profess the importance of training and how having well trained operators, mechanics and engineers will result in increased productivity and efficiency – its the best investment you can make!

Below are FAQ questions in regards to packaging machinery training….

1. What training services do you offer?

We offer multiples training services at Paxiom.

  1. One on one training at our facility for the specific packaging machines you have purchased
  2. Classroom training for your entire operator / technical team at any of our facilities tailored to the specific machines your company has procured.
  3. Classroom training on a specific machine model open to our entire customer base in a collaborative format.
  4. Field training at your facility in a focused environment with a set agenda, goals and dedicated staff.
  5. Quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly field service contracts that include training / preventative maintenance.

2. Why can’t you just train us when you commission our machines on site?

We try but often times initial commissioning is the difficult time for in depth training as there are too many distractions for any single person to absorb.

On average, initial start up is 3 to 5 days. In that time our staff needs to inspect assembly of the system, power-up, debug, operate and run basic production for system acceptance all while trying to provide a crash course how to run this sophisticated packaging line.

We strongly suggest completing initial commissioning and then returning 1-2 weeks afterwards once your staff has been able to use the machinery, get familiar, take ownership and then be prepared for in depth training.

Trust us, your employees will be more prepared, more engaged and thank you for it!

3. Do you provide initial training over the phone?

We have a wonderful technical support team but trying to train someone over the phone on a new piece of equipment and have to visualize what you are describing is incredibly difficult and could ultimately lead to disappointment on both sides.

We get it, we all want to save money – but packaging automation is not an expense, its an investment. Invest in proper training and look at it as an extension of the machinery.

We employ a large team of field service technicians that can be dispatched quickly to assist you. All of whom can be conveniently booked on our website.

4. Who on my staff needs training?

Great question, everyone!

Operators: Need to be well versed how to set-up the equipment, choose / change / update recipes, identify issues and be able to react to them and adjust.

Maintenance: Need to be aware of how to maintain the equipment daily, how to change parts, complete change overs and identify required consumables.

Stakeholders: Need to be aware of how the machinery works and the relationship between the machine, the operator, the material being run, the product being packaged and the environment in which is being packaged in.

Its a team effort, we are all responsible for our part and together will make it a great success!