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Meal Kit Packaging Machinery

November 9, 2019
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November 9, 2019 Bob

Whether your store is small and locally-based, or you run a large company, if you’re selling products, then you will always need the ability to package them in various run sizes, package types, and sizes. At Paxiom Group, we welcome your business with open arms because we are one of the leading packaging machinery manufacturers in the industry.

With our wide range of packaging systems that accommodate plenty of products, we have them all for you, be it filling, bagging, case packing, cartoning, and many more. Our packaging solutions are flexible, quick to service, and compact, just exactly how you need them to match with your existing packaging environment. For meal kits, in particular, we offer the following packaging machines:

Dual auger filling system for mixing product into packaging machine

Twin Star Auger filling machine and XPdius vertical form fill and seal machine for packaging powders

Ingredient Bagging Machinery

The vertical form, fill and seal technology, or VFFS in short, is widely used in the packaging industry as one of the primary packaging systems. When it comes to meal kits, it provides flexibility and reduces material cost, which makes it an ideal solution for any business size. This type of packaging solution uses a cylindrical roll of film as the main packaging material.

Our VFFS packaging machines come several. We have the VerTek family of food packaging machinery that can produce vertical bags as wide as 24 inches. Depending on your production needs and rates, we manufacture two models under the VerTek product line: 1) VerTek 800 for up to 60 packages per minute and 2) VerTek 1200 for up to 50 packages per minute. Then lastly, we have the XPdius series that is built to accommodate high-speed bagging requirements with up to 100 packages per minute.

Our VFFS machines can be easily integrated with Paxiom’s other filling solutions such as:

1. PrimoCombi Multi-Head Weigher is specially built with the 360 Operating Software to provide a seamless way of managing your production. It includes convenient features like minute reporting, Crystal Reports, and complete remote operation.

2. PrimoLinear Net Weigher is designed to accurately weigh and dispense your meal products into different types of containers. It is perfect for low to medium production rates.

3. Star Auger is a servo-driven packaging machine that offers speed, precision, and versatility when operating on powders and granules. It is constructed with stainless steel and quick removable tooling and hopper.

Flow Wrapping Packaging Systems

A flow wrapping machine uses a roll of film to make a horizontal bag. Flow wrapping, or also called Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal (HFFS) technology is engineered to apply heat to the bottom and ends of the film to create a flexible and securely sealed packaged filled with your products. Apart from packaging a variety of food products like meal kits and baked goods, our flow wrapping solutions also run on regular household items, stationery, hardware, and medical items.

1. SleekWrapper 40, 45 and 65 are ideal for wrapping solid products and are best used as per your production rates. These packaging machines are all designed with simplicity, reliability, and serviceability in mind. Built with servo drives, our SleekWrapper family of horizontal wrapping machinery promises precise positioning and smooth acceleration-deceleration.

2. SleekWrapper Inverted. Unlike the rest of Sleek models, the Sleek Inverted is created with high-performance and unique functionality in mind. Its five servo motors serve to provide quick and easy changeover and adjustment, all the while diminishing product and film waste during production. It is specifically designed to wrap uncommon products like multi-packs and those that are soft and sticky.

3. Breezy Bagger is a piece of small packaging machinery, yet sufficiently capable of horizontally and vertically packaging your meal kits and other products. This unique wrapping machine is the only one of its kind. It can be used in any of the three modes: set length with encoder, eye mark with photocell, and auto-detect for random length products.

Case Erecting and Tray Forming Packaging Machinery

Say goodbye to making boxes and trays by hand with our wide selection of automated packaging machinery for erecting cases and forming trays with lids. Your meal kits can now be packed together using our Boxxer Series, EZ Tape, and PopLok Machines.

1. Boxxer Series is a group of case erecting machines that operate by automatically erecting RSC cases and sealing them on the bottom with tape or glue.

2. EZ Tape is a family of semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines that is easy to use and completely adjustable. They are perfect for solutions that require top and bottom case sealing

3. PopLok is a packaging machine designed to fold and tuck die-cut trays, which are normally used for e-commerce and home delivery. The PopLok is inexpensive to maintain and easy to use, which makes it a great choice for many.