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When do I need a pouch filling machine?

April 4, 2020
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April 4, 2020 Nick

Pre made pouches

There comes a time in every food, pharmaceutical, hardware, hemp and widget packagers time that they need to strongly consider adding automation to their process and invest in a packaging machine.

In this blog we are going to answer the question of “When do I need a pouch filling machine?” 

Like most companies we start off small and invest in human capital, raw materials and focus on selling / delivering. At one point something changes, that something is that one can no longer keep up with product demand (great problem!) and it not longer becomes feasible to continue to add people to a good problem. Thats where strong consideration towards automation is made and a pouch filling machine comes in.

The role of an automatic pouch filling machine is simple: to automatically weigh, fill and seal pre-made pouches to reduce labor, un sanitary human interaction with the product, increase production rates and overall efficiencies.

How much faster can a packaging produce vs. a person?

We get asked this often and let us first say that we are not promoting the permanent elimination people, we are promoting their re-purpose within your current organization to provide more value than ever. Let the machine do the heavy lifting!

OK, lets take for example filling snack foods into a pre-made pouch. As a rule of thumb a person can accurately fill, weigh and seal a finished pouch at the rate of 3 packages per minute which provides a person 20 seconds to gather raw materials, scoop product into the pouch, put it on a scale, adjust the fill, remove from scale and seal. Over the course of a day that productivity will naturally decrease once fatigue sets in.

So let’s compare that with an entry level automated pouch filling machine system like our V-5 PrimoLinear and Swifty Bagger Junior with an incline infeed conveyor. This entire packaging system can be financed on a 5 year monthly rate that will cost less than the monthly salary of an employee and produce 5 times the production rate at 15 bags per minute!

Weigh filler into junior pouch filling machine for packaging

Or compare to the Swifty Bagger 3600 with PrimoCombi and produce over 15 times the rate at up to 45 bags per minute for only approximately 3 times the monthly cost of a salaried employee.

Multi head weighing into pouch filling machine

At Paxiom, we offer a wide variety of automated packaging machines for companies of all sizes and production needs. We are amongst the only packaging machinery companies that offer solutions for small, mid and large range production needs. Visit any of our Xperience Centers and see our packaging machines in person and have us demonstrate to you the worthiness of automation for your company and help determine if its the right time for automation.

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