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Cannabis Packaging Machines

We are a leader in the design, manufacture and integration of automated cannabis packaging machines for the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

Our JuanaRoll pre-roll packaging machine is a one-of-a-kind industry leader chosen by the world’s leading LPs and our weigh-filling, weigh-counting, bagging, bottling and flow-wrapping machines can transform the way you package and market your cannabis, hemp and CBD products from flower to edibles to infusions. We also provide unscrambling, capping, labeling, induction sealing and cartoning machines as well as complete turnkey packaging systems. Our cannabis packaging machines are designed to meet your specific production rates, footprint and budget.

We are confident we can find the right automation solution for your business, saving you time and resources while increasing productivity and your bottom line.

Cannabis Packaging Machine Video Gallery


Cannabis weigh filling machine

The PrimoCombiTM weigh filling machine is the cannabis industry’s most trusted weigh filler to accurately dispense as little as 1 gram of flower.


Integrate our machine into any packaging system and accurately fill cannabis flower into jars, bottles, containers, cans, pouches, bags and cartons.


Available in several configurations depending on your packaging needs, the PrimoCombi includes online remote support and features PC controls for convenient production data export in real-time to your Seed to Sale software.



Cannabis jar filling machine

Cannabis flower packaging has never been easier!  Automate your cannabis container filling process with one of our many container filling machine options for plastic containers, glass jars, cans and cartons.


Our container filling machines are engineered to fill your specific jars at the rates you need for your cannabis application. We can also provide end of line solutions after filling from labeling and capping to induction sealing and nitrogen flushing.


We offer solutions to fit every production and budget requirement from entry-level to mid-range and even high-speed applications.



pre roll packaging machine automatedStop hiring more labor and giving away margin by filling pre-rolls by hand or using volumetric knock boxes. Use the high-performance JuanaRoll pre-roll packaging machine instead. A cannabis packaging machine made specifically for speedy production.


Choose the machine used by many industry-leading LPs and automatically weigh, fill, compact and twist up to 4,000 pre-rolled cones per hour!



Cannabis packaging machine

We offer a wide variety of automated solutions for cannabis bagging into premade pouches, zippered bags and roll stock. In fact, we have engineered our Swifty Bagger® to keep up with today’s cannabis bagging requirements and work seamlessly on a wide variety of bag styles including pillow, stand-up, gusseted and quad bags with zipper closures.


Our bagging machines are designed to automatically open, fill and seal premade pouches and are available for entry-level, mid-range and high-speed production rates. We can work with you to customize a solution for your current pouch supply or help you find the right material supplier for your marijuana retail needs.



Cannabis bagging machine

The Bingo Bagger® automatic bagging machine for premade pouches was engineered to fill large bags and to provide vacuum or gas flush for consistent nitrogen residual, making it perfect for cannabis wholesale packaging or internal packaging.


Manufactured with a robust stainless steel frame, the Bingo features toolless adjustment between bag sizes and can fill both polyethylene and laminate materials, making it one of the most versatile bagging machines on the market today.



edible wrapping machine

Package your cannabis-infused edibles with one of our automatic flow-wrapping machines.


Our SleekWrapperTM flow-wrapping machines are perfect for your  THC and CBD edibles. Simply load your edibles on the conveyor belt and let the packaging machine do the rest. Easily produce from 10 to 400 pieces per minute one of our SleekWrappers.


Models include:

The compact, affordable Sleek 40
The heavy-duty Sleek F65 for large packages
The high-speed Sleek HSA with integrated product aligner
The unique and efficient Sleek DTA high-speed double twist wrapper



cannabis cartoning machine

Our KartnrTM line of vertical carton forming and loading machines are designed to delicately feed, load and close chipboard cartons. We offer both automatic and manual carton loading machines. Carton your end product as a final step after any of our other cannabis packaging machines.


Our versatile carton forming machines can handle tucked cartons, pop-up/auto-lock cartons or glued cartons.


What clients say about our cannabis packaging machines

“We do not use any ‘shake’ product. Being able to put that sticky real flower product through the [JuanaRoll] enables us to produce a higher-quality product.”

Clayton Duguid, 314 Pure Cannabis