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New York Packaging Machinery

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Packaging machinery in New York

The Paxiom Group offers a diverse range of packaging machines engineered for bagging, container filling, weigh filling, and end-of-line solutions for baked goods. Be it automatically wrapping granola bars, bagging croissants, filling cookies into jar containers, or case packing bread into trays, we manufacture solutions for every production budget and requirement. Automate your baking packaging process now with Paxiom.

ValTara SleekWrapper® 40 servo-driven flow wrapper - Wrapping feminine products

Turnkey vertical bagging systems

Vertical Form, Fill & Seal

Under the WeighPack brand, our vertical form and seal solutions are generally used to automatically package crackers, cookies, pretzels, snacks, and many other baked goods. Our vertical bagging machines are ideally designed to match your budget, space needs, and package sizes.

Stand up bags

Our Swifty Bagger is an automatic packaging machine engineered explicitly for pre-made bags, which makes it a perfect solution for packaging your baked products. It is known for its versatility and can be operated easily. The Swifty Bagger is also built with several features that will make the packaging process much more manageable. Depending on your desired production rate, our Swifty Bagger series is available in different models. While each model has different mechanical ratings, all Swifty Baggers run on various bag styles including gusset, stand up, and a flat bottom. The Swifty Bagger also runs on bags with or without a zipper enclosure.

Flow Wrapping

Flow wrapping has become more affordable than ever. Our servo-driven packaging technology ensures accurate positioning. With the SleekWrapper’s cleanability and serviceability features, this reliable flow wrapper is perfect for baking industry applications. We also have the 2-in-1 Breezy Bagger that makes a wonderful fit for your baking packaging project due to its adjusting option that seals the pouch as per the product length and volume. On top of that, the Breezy Bagger also has a pivoting design so the operator can use it horizontally like a flow wrapper or vertically for vertical drops.

Wicketed Bagging

Paxiom’s solutions for wicketed bagging of baked goods can be best described in three words: simple, effective, and compact. Carrying the WeighPack brand, our wicketed bagging machines are designed to open, fill, and seal pre-made bags made with laminated or polyethylene materials. They can be used on stand-up and pillow pouches, whether the bag comes with a resealable zipper or a carry handle.

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