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Packaging Machines

First of all, we offer a wide variety of packaging machines that come from different brand series. Our machines are manufactured by the WeighPack Systems, and these are as follows;

  1. The SleekWrapper flow wrapper series
  2. The R2B horizontal form fill and seal bagger
  3. The VerTek vertical form and seal series
  4. The XPdius vertical form and seal machine
  5. The StarAuger filling series
  6. The SpinDexer rotary indexing conveyor
  7. The VS Bagger

SleekWrapper Flow Wrapper Series

To start, we have our SleekWrapper family of flow wrapper machines composed of Sleek 40, Sleek 45, Sleek 65, and Sleek Inverted. These servo-driven packaging machines are designed to horizontally flow wrap products while promoting ease of use, reliability, and flexibility.

R2B 3600 Auto Bagger

R2B Bagger Packaging MachineSecond is our high performance R2B 3600 bagging machine that is used to automatically make, fill, and seal a product in one shot. With the use of a laminated roll stock film, this packaging machine can create a various selection of pouch styles. Most noteworthy are 3-sided seal, 4-sided seal, and doy style stand-up pouches with or without a zipper enclosure.

Another one is the VerTek family consisting of 4 models, VerTek 800, VerTek 1200, VerTek 1600, and VerTek 2400, all designed to vertically form and seal packages in swift motions. Designed to offer serviceability, easy cleaning, and ease of use, our VerTek models are made to produce pouches in a variety of shapes and sizes including stick pack, pillow, and gusseted pouches.

XPdius i-130 Form and Seal Bagger

Next are the XPdius i-130 vertical form and seal bagging machine designed for high-speed applications. It is smartly engineered to allow full accessibility to the machine parts, thus resulting in faster and simpler maintenance, changeover, and adjustments. This bagging machine is constructed with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, equipped with tool-less features and designed conventionally that will bring the best experience to its user.

StarAuger 100 and 200 Model Packaging Machines

We also have our StarAuger 100 and 200 built to handle powders and granules with guaranteed precision, speed and flexibility. As a result, the StarAuger machines are engineered to meet any product requirements with its stainless-steel construction and easily removed tools.

Sixth is the SpinDexer 1800 created to fill a wide range of products into rigid containers. Hence, this machine is perfect for filling and packaging food products. Therefore, common applications include snack foods, confections, pharmaceuticals, coffee, tea, spices, and powders.

Finally, we have the VS Bagger designed for packaging various products with the use of pre-made wicketed bags. With the excellent quality of its stainless steel frame, this bagging machine is easy to use. Hence, it can run any applications that do not require bags to be sealed.