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Powder Packaging Machinery

November 9, 2019
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November 9, 2019 Bob

One of our partner brands is the widely known WeighPack Systems. The brand is responsible for manufacturing a wide variety of bagging and container filling solutions. These machines are capable of filling and packaging an array of powders including salt, spices, sugar, flour, spices, and many more. Whether your products are free-flowing or non-free flowing, our packaging machines are designed to handle your powder packaging needs with ease.

Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Solution with Star Auger Filling Machine

Our Star Auger Filling machine is perfect for powder and granular products. It’s even more ideal if you use it alongside a vertical bagging machine, specifically the XPdius Elite for a compact complete packaging system.

The Star Auger assures speed, accuracy, and flexibility when handling powders and granules. Engineered to meet specific product requirements, this servo-driven filling machine is constructed with stainless steel and is equipped with quick removable tooling and hopper allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

With its level sensors and self-adjusting screw, the Star Auger assures consistent and reliable weights. For quick cleaning and changeover, we have built it with a quick-release design, an easy-to-remove tooling, and a hinged hopper door. It comes in two models. The Star Auger 100 has a 26 L hopper that is capable of running up to 1 lb. of powder. Meanwhile, the Star Auger 200 model comes with a 50 L hopper that can work on up products weighing up to 5 lbs.

As for the sealing part, our Star Auger can be seamlessly integrated with our XPdius. It’s a high-speed vertical packaging machine that is built for reliable long-term operation. Moreover, due to its tool-less features, the XPdius allows you to save time whether you’re loading the film, replacing pull belts, or doing bag width changeovers. The machine itself is also extremely accessible with the operator easily accessing the front, back and inside of the frame.

Powder Pouch Filling Packaging Machinery with Scoop Insert

The power duo Star Auger and Swifty Bagger makes a great pear to create a distinctive powder and scoop insertion solution for pre-made pouches. This packaging solution is designed to boost accuracy and throughputs, all the while reducing waste.

Our Swifty Bagger series consists of automated packaging machinery. They are designed to open, fill, and seal pre-made pouches in one automatic process. Available in four models (Swifty Junior, Mini, 1200 and 3600), the Swifty Bagger runs on a pillow, doy, and quad bags, with or without a zipper enclosure. Standard features include automatic bag magazine, stainless steel frame, and Omron PLC and touch screen.

The Swifty Bagger 3600 and 1200 are perfect for medium to high powder production rates. These pouch filling machines are robust in design, enough to withstand the vigor of modern-day packaging production needs. Featuring a unique straight-line design, the Swifty Bagger can be supervised single-handedly, making it easier to operate, service, and clean.
For production needs that require filling compact pouch sizes, our Swifty Bagger Mini is perfect for opening, filling, and sealing your pre-made pouches with powders. Currently, the Swifty Mini has the smallest footprint, taking up only 10 square feet of floor space. As for our Swifty Junior, it is normally used for businesses with small to medium production rates. It’s compact and very easy to use.

Container Powder Filling Packaging System

At Paxiom, we produce a wide range of container filling systems for cartons, cans, trays, hugs, tubs, clam-shells, and more. Our powder and sugar packaging machinery are engineered to your specific filling needs. These filling machines come in standard with a custom-designed screw that dictates the total number of revolutions needed to achieve your desired weight.

The Star Auger is completely versatile, running in either semi-automatic or fully-automatic mode. It can also read your powder products in grams or ounces. Other features include a servo motor drive, a color touch screen, 100 product settings, dual blade ac agitator drive, a see-through viewing glass, and many more.

Powder Sachet Filling

Save on material costs by producing your own stand-up bags. With the R2B horizontal bagging machine, you can create, fill, and print in one automatic shot. Using a flat roll stock film, our stand up pouch packaging machinery makes laminated pouches in various styles including 3-sided seal, doy style, and stand-up pouches with or without a zipper enclosure.

Equipped with leading-edge features, the R2B is designed for ease of use, cleaning, and service-ability. For starters, it has a smart positioning logic to provide accurate machine control during set up and running production. Furthermore, its front and back panels are both large and easily removable for simple sanitation, service and set up.

The high-performing R2B also comes with a straight-flow design. This way, the entire process (i.e., bag forming, filling, and sealing) is visible to the operator. It also makes the machine parts extremely accessible for added convenience.